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A research paper proposal poses a lot of conceptual problems. Despite the considerable body of literature and harsh argument… we have simple answers to direct questions. Write your research proposal easily with our help!

Easy… this is just a research proposal

We’ve acquired a considerable experience writing research proposals to make education accessible to all students. This experience shows that there’s no need to panic: a successful researcher just has to concentrate and keep in mind some do’s and don’ts.

5 of our tricks worth trying

Here are our proven ways to a powerful research proposal:

  • Using clear and understandable language instead of flowery terms and obscure phrases. Isn’t it better to find common ground than empirical unity of perception?
  • Stating why your study is unique. Dealing with any outstanding problem or population? Trying an old method on the newest material? Anything else? Say it!
  • Getting to know about the institution for which you’re writing, its trends and requirements. Some sample researches or, better yet, proposals may be at hand.
  • Clear structure that allows for detailed planning of your research process.
  • Ruthless editing. Besides editing, we provide double check of spelling, grammar, and referencing of your proposal and recommend you doing the same.

5 things we never do in research proposals – and don’t recommend to you

The main principle may sound strange, but it works: simplify. For this, you’d better review write my papers:

  • Making loud statements. It’s much easier to make meaningful conclusion from one intervention than to explore the relation between two concepts both of which can’t really be defined. Try to clarify the reasons why you’ve chosen the topic, your goal, and the procedures of achieving it.
  • Experiment too much… without proper resources. Some research questions are not worth renting expensive equipment or obtaining informed consent of hundreds of people, especially when these questions can be answered without such a sacrifice. Just ask yourself whether there are any more convenient ways to do what you want.
  • Not mentioning one of 2 main research realities. Think of it this way: an academic writer lives in at least two realities. One is the reality around us: your research paper proposal should have to do with real life – that is, be inspired by it and change it. The second world is the conceptual world: your thesis should also emerge from the landscape of theory while changing it.
  • Applying inappropriate methodology. The trick is not to choose a random methodology that sounds like what you’re doing but really understand every aspect of the method applied. Also, remember that methods are tricky: there is no guarantee that even the most credible method will work in your case.
  • Using outdated or unreliable sources. The books and articles you’re referring to should be peer-reviewed and up to date (though it’s worth keeping in mind that some classical studies that still circulate in your academic world number 2).

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